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Backwards Night!

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The Theme tonight is Backwards! And so are all the games and activities!


Mirror- a message written backwards, asking the Scouts to go change their clothes backwards.
Get the Scouts to make name badges/ stickers with their name spelled backwards. This becomes their name for the night.
Various games.
Decorations if you wish.
Food, any other appropriate props


Some suggested games:

Pin the donkey on the tail

Backwards 'Pass the Parcel' - start with a present (we used a soft toy). When the music stops, the person holding the toy has to wrap it up - Beavers can just put it into a plastic bag, Cubs and Scouts can wrap in newspaper. Keep going till you run out of wrappings. We finished with a fancy gift bag as the last wrapping. The twist is that, as it's Backwards Night, the winner doesn't get a prize!

Opposite Actions: Children have to do the opposite of what you say, eg: stand up/sit down, nod head/shake head, hop on one leg/jump on two legs, run to the front/back of the hall, wave right/left hand.


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