Garden bird top trumps

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Game of top trumps using garden birds


Sets of the cards - see attachment. Or download from


Print out a set of the attached cards for each six
How to play

Shuffle your cards and deal them out face down to all players. Everyone must have the same number of cards.
Each player only looks at their top card.
The player to the dealer's left reads out one of the facts (for example 'weight 614 g') from their top card.
The other players then read out the same fact and score from their top cards.
The player with the highest score wins and takes all the top cards from the others and puts them at the bottom of their pile.
The winner of the first round then looks at their next card and picks a fact to read out (for example, length) and the game repeats.
If two or more player share the same top score then all the cards from that round are placed in the middle and the player picks another skill to read out.
The winner of that hand takes the others' top cards as well as the cards from the middle.
The game continues. Players who lose all their cards are out. The person with all the cards at the end is the Big Card Birdwatch winner!


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