Super Taste Experimenting

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Scouts get to experiment with flavour combinations in a crazy fun way which gets them thinking about how tastes combine.


For about 15 Scouts
2 Loafs Sliced Bread (different kinds if possible), with each slice cut into quarters.
As large an array of condiments, jams and sauces as possible.
Various sliced/grated vegetables.
One print out of the attached sheet per scout (or per pair of you want them to work in pairs/groups etc)
Good Dictionary (for them to look up some of the sample words they don't know)
Enough Teaspoons for any items which require
Some knifes for spreading


Lay all the available ingredients out on a table.
Go through them all, give a brief overview of the taste (or get the scouts to) and what they're made of, get the Scouts to list things they'd usually have them on.
Show the printout and explain the columns. They write the combination on the left (it encourages only a few combinations) with a place to write their opinions on the right.
Unleash their creativity!

Remember to be aware of dietary requirements and allergies, be careful with cross-contamination. Vegan and nut-free suits almost anyone, for wheat/gluten free consider corn tortillas or rice crackers.


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