Tarp Football

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Energy burning game to start the evening off!


Foam football (if inside) or Standard Football. Tarp.


Put all the Cubs/Scouts down either side of the tarp after placing the football in the centre of the tarp. Get two Cubs/Scouts to take off their shoes. Then get the Cub/Scout to stand at either ends of the tarp (the free ends) at the agreed sign they go under the tarp and retrieve the football. They must come out at the ends of the tarp not the sides, but it can be their own end. If the Cub/Scout is tagged by the opponent they must leave the ball where they are. Go back to their ends and the whistle is blown once for the person furthest away to start and quickly again for the nearest person to start.

Great fun, but it gets hot and strict rules must be enforced so no one gets hurt.

If playing outside do so on a nice dry grass area - one for the summer months!


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