Compass Bearing Shapes

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Draw chalk shapes on the floor using a set of compass bearings


Compasses, Chalk, Bearings instructions (attached)


* Give one sheet, a compass and some chalk to each group/patrol
* Get them to start in a space where there is enough room to draw without meeting an obstacle (if indoors, make sure their first bearing is with their back to the nearest obstacle, this should reduce the chance of running out of space)
* The Scouts follow the instructions, and any time they have to walk they need to trace their steps with a chalk line.
* Each time they complete a shape they must name the shape as follows:

Page 1: Square, Pentagon, Octagon, 5 Point Star
Page 2: Triangle, Hexagon, Octagon, 5 Point Star

NB: The following site is useful for external angles if you want to expand this activity further:


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