Balloon Hunt

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Hunt for clues to find the treasure on a map (similar to battleships)


Clues, Balloons, Maps


Balloons are hidden around the area in which to play the game, with clues hidden in half of them. Each patrol is assigned a colour of balloon that they can pop, the rules being as follows:
- Only one balloon can be brought back at a time.
- Balloons must be brought back to be popped.
- Not all balloons contain clues.
- Each patrol has a balloon colour to get.
- You may not get balloons of another patrol's colour.
- Balloons are hidden upstairs and downstairs.
- Take note of the other patrol's colours - balloons that do not belong to any patrol can be taken by anyone.
- You do not need to get all the clues to make a guess.
- You may make only one guess per patrol.
- The first patrol to guess correctly wins.
- There is only one correct square.


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