Staged IT badgework 1-2

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Instructions and accompanied media to complete the first 2 stages of the IT badge (Updated)


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Addition of resources supplied by Microsoft to help complete the taks listed.

Guidelines to award these badges require the following tasks to be completed:
[Stage 1]
*Show that you can switch on and close down a computer safely.
*Know what the following are: Monitor, Printer, CD-ROM, Mouse, Icon, Webcam, microphone, USB drive
*Create a poster for promoting scouting
*Create a picture
*Use a piece of software that uses a CD

[Stage 2]
*Produce a list of rules for using the internet safely.
*Show that you can save a file and open that file at a later date.
(Completing 2 from the following)
(1) Access the internet safely, to find out as much as you can about a topic of their choice.
(2) Use a digital camera to take some digital photographs and use a piece of software to enhance or alter the original photographs.
(3) Use a piece of software of your choice to produce a set of matching stationery for an event, eg birthday, place cards, invitations, posters etc.
(4) Produce a series of newsletters for your section over a three-month period.
*Describe what you would use each of the items listed in Stage 1

[Extra Resource for older scouts]
Technology forms a huge part of daily life. If you or people you are working with are not confident in using a computer, there is the opportunity to take an entry level IT qualification known as the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum. This is accredited by City and Guilds as well as OCR and can provide a good first step for building IT literacy and is free to undertake online. For more information follow this link:


A guideline for combining the first 2 stages of the IT badge.


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Badge Links

  • Personal Safety - Online Safety