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Code of conduct

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Code of conduct using Scout Laws


Copies of individual Scout Laws
Pens / paper for Scouts
Flip chart paper & pen


Split Scouts into Patrols and give each patrol at least 2 of the Scout laws

Ask them to think about the law and how it could be applied to the Scout troop as a code of conduct

We are looking for a positive behaviour we expect, rather than negative be behaviour we do not allow

Ask them to consider:
--- how we should treat leaders
--- how we should treat each other
--- how leaders should treat us
--- consequences

How they expect the leaders to behave

Write up on flipchart

Printable Template: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZB5_5PzcJBhc88TfEELNf9PXaNHlR_eypDfOPS3Fda4/edit?usp=sharing


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