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Using Top Gear Cool Wall to decide on future activties


Labels for 'seriously uncool', 'uncool', 'cool' and 'sub zero'.
Activity ideas on A5 sheets
Blu-tak or selotape


Read out the activity on the paper and ask Scouts to run to the wall they think the activity fits in.
Whichever 'wall' has the most Scouts standing next to it is where the activity goes.
If there is an activity where only 1 or 2 Scouts think it is 'sub zero', give them the opportunity to persuade the rest of the Scouts why they think it's a good activity
Move to another 'wall' if enough Scouts change their mind.
Repeat with other activities.
Also have some blank pieces of paper so that the Scouts can add their own activities.
Those activities on the 'sub zero' wall are the ones you should definitely aim to do, the ones on the 'seriously' uncool wall you not bother with. The two inbetween allow for some flexibility.
We used a piece of flip chart paper for each 'wall' as we're not allowed to stick anything on the walls


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