Trading Game - Variation

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A variation on the traditional trading game. PL's must stay in a command area and coordinate their patrols to complete challenges for coins. The game teaches communication, delegation and leadership. The kids really love this game.


(A lot is required but it's mostly stuff that's in the stores anyway. It's worth it as the kids love this game)
Poles (to make a stretcher)
Paper A4
Teabags and milk
Tennis balls
Morse decoder (print out available)
Wordsearch (print out available)
Quiz Sheet (print out available)
Sudoku (print out available)
Washing line
Newspaper, scissors, glue
Playing Cards
Small plastic bags
Hula Hoops
Mans tie
5 chairs and 7 large balls (or things difficult to carry)
4 Neckers and an 8 meter rope / string
Lashing lengths - long
2x OS maps
9v Battery
hula hoops
1 set of Poker chips (or equivalent)


The PL must coordinate their patrol to earn the most poker chips (counters) by completing the most challenges from a list.

Each Patrol has a table where the PL must stay for the duration of the game. Each patrol leader has a challenge list with all the prices for equipment and rewards for successfully completing the challenges.
The patrols start with no money so they must choose challenges which require no equipment first. As they gain money they can buy further equipment to enable them to complete other challenges. Challenges can be completed in any order and each challenge can be completed only once by each patrol.*
There is also a 'Specials' board (a white board) which the leaders can use to increase rewards for certain challenges (if no-one has attempted that one yet) or to introduce brand new challenges ad hoc. these specials should change all the time.
It's best to split the leaders so they are each in charge of several challenges and they have the completion slips for those challenges.
Leaders (or young leaders / Explorers) give out the completion slips (available to print out) when a challenge has been successfully completed.
A bank / shop should be set up, ran by Explorers or Young Leaders. Scouts can cash in their completion slips for poker chips, which can then be used to purchase equipment or be collected by the PL.
After a set time (an hour or so) stop the game. Now only tasks on the specials board can earn rewards. This can be used to 'pay' for tidying up, putting away, cleaning, washing up etc...
Then as the Scouts get into uniform for the flagdown, total up all the poker chips and collect all the drawings of leaders and limericks done during the night. Show off the drawings before presenting them to the Leaders, read the limericks (if they are acceptable!) and announce the winners.
Then ask the PL's how they felt they got on.
Was it hard not to stand up and help out?
Do you think you could have done some of the things quicker?
What's the best way for the Scouts to learn?
Is it best to delegate?
Is it easy to delegate?
Do you have to trust people to delegate?
Do you trust your patrol?
And many more.......

*except where the specials board says 'Make Skip another cup of tea!! = triple points"


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