Mothers Day Breakfast Planning/Practice

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Planning for your Mother' day Breakfast event


Pen and paper

Access to kitchen/stores to check equipment you will need on the day: Crockery for the Mum's breakfast (Bowls, 2 sizes of plates), cutlery, cups and saucers. Cooking equipment, double burners or stoves, frying pans, billies, cooking utensils, gas for burners etc, Table for cooking area. Safety equipment (fire blanket, couple of wet tea-cloths in case a frying pan catches on fire), Washing-up area with hot water.


Make and send out invitations to Scout's Mum, Grandmums etc.

When you know the numbers to be catered for, you can prepare a shopping list. Apart from the obvious items like food, don't forget to include; table cloths, serviettes, plastic glasses (for fruit juice), newspapers and flowers for the table.

Make plans for decorating the Scout HQ, possibly make flags and bunting to put up, do you need to buy any thing extra (add it to the shooping list).
Will the PLs or leaders do the shopping - maybe both!

Practice some of the jobs on be done on the day:
1) A 'Front of house Scout' to welcome the Mums, take their coats, escort them to a table and give out menus etc.
2) Several 'Waiters' to take orders, liaise with kitchen and serve meals, also to clear tables when mums have finished eating etc.
3) Many 'Chefs' to cook the food, might be a ggod idae to allocated section of the menu to small groups.
4) Washing-up section (probably at the back of the hut or even outside if weather is OK) - everyone should do a bit of this.


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