Christmas Relay Game

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St Nicholas Relay Game




- Put the Pack at the end of the hall and give each Cub Scout a key word from the list on the
story. If possible you should print and copy the list of key words so that there is
enough for every Cub Scout so they don't have to remember their word
- Explain to the Cub Scouts that you will read out the story about St Nicholas,
and when they hear their key word they should get up, run to the other end of the hall.
- Each word comes up in the reading 5 or 6 times.
- The story is quite short and you may have to pause to allow the cubs to run the length of the hall.
With a little imagination the story can be lengthened, it will get quite hectic with all the cubs running back and forth but they love it.
- Although this can be played outside, it's likely to be dark due to the time of year


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