Prayer quiz/game

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Discussion about Why, When, How & What a prayer is and when we use one. Draw on paper the things that we love and are grateful for e.g family & friends. Encourage the group to write a prayer for closing ceremony.


Paper and pens


Sit with Beavers and discuss the important aspects of Prayer. *NB children will have different experiences/understanding of religion, important to keep the aspects below simplified.

1. Why we pray - praying helps us "Do we pray to get better presents or to help us feel and be better people?"
2. When to pray. "Is Prayer just for night time or meal time or is God is around all the time to pray to?"
3. How types of prayer. "How do we pray talking out loud, In our heads, Writing them out, Singing, Drawing pictures, Dancing, thinking about the words in the prayer, Short prayers, Long prayers?"
4. What 4 parts to prayer.
There are four basic elements of prayer that should be taught to kids. The Lord’s Prayer is a great tool for accomplishing this. The elements of prayer can be remember by the acronym ACT

- Adoration: Praising God for who is and what he has done! GOD YOU ARE GREAT

- Confession: Telling God about the wrong things we have done and asking for his forgiveness.

- Thanksgiving: Thanking God for all he has done for us.

- Supplication: Asking for things for ourselves and others.

- Pray the Beavers designed prayer at closing ceremony to practice


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