Find a beaver who

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Getting to know each other better


Sheet per beaver, pen per beaver.


Each Beaver has a sheet and has to find a beaver who is true of each statement.
This game helped everyone to learn more about each other – this is an important part of building friendships. Can anyone think of anything that makes friendships stronger and more meaningful? People may think about spending time together, sharing hobbies or interests, or taking on a challenge together. Sometimes people make friends because they like the same things, but other friendships are built on differences. Did anyone nd someone who had similar interests, hobbies, or skills? Did anyone notice someone who had some totally different experiences they’d like to learn more about?
This game was also a chance for everyone to share things about themselves with the group. It can make people feel good to share and be proud of the things that make them unique. The way we live and the things we enjoy doing make us who we are. It’s great to celebrate these things, and any we have in common or different with others. Does anyone have an interesting hobby, skill, or fact about themselves they’d like to share with everyone else?


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