Silent Spelling

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Transfer letters accurately down a line without speaking. A bit like Chinese Whispers.


Pens, paper, Scouts
the document attached has 12 scout related words in an one page copy of 5 tables to cut out and use


Put scouts into patrols or teams (no more than 8 or so in each team) and get each team to line up facing the same way.
The scout at the front of each team needs pen & paper. Show a word to all the scouts who are at the back of each line. Use a word that all the scouts should know.
The scouts at the back of the line should ‘write' each letter of the word with their finger, on the back of the scout in front of them in the line. The scouts pass the letters down the line by doing the same and ‘writing' the letters in turn on the back of the scout in front of them.
The scout at the front of the line writes the letters on the paper to make the word. The first team with the word written correctly on the board wins.


  • communication
  • Silent
  • spelling
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