Scavenger Hunt around town

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Follow clues to the next location & pick up the relevant envelope for the final task.


Warm clothing, torch & sensible footwear, clipboard with clue list on it & pen/pencil.


1. Gain knowledge of the local town.
2. Decide how many POI (points of interest) will be used.
3. Write a clue to lead Beavers to POI (include something interesting about it, but written in a way they'll guess the answer).
4. Leave space for the answer to be written.
5. Make up envelopes with pieces of final puzzle in & label clearly ie. Bampton Beaver Scouts Scavenger Hunt - RED LODGE
6. When setting up the activity, make sure to ask shop owners if can tape envelope to outside of their window/tuck behind drain pipe.
7. Once at the meeting start point, split colony into groups and discuss green cross code & other safety points.
8. Don't forget the Risk Assessment.
9. Have Fun

There are no winners or losers, once back at the hut, if everyone's collected the correct envelopes, the final puzzle should be completeable.


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