Staves Fight (Pulling Only)

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Participants stand in a circle holding a stave against another participant with a stave. These are held so they are behind each other. Participants then try and pull each other out of the circle. Whoever manages to remain in the circle wins.


2 x Staves (broom shafts), Piece of rope (or chalks, etc...) to mark out a circle.


Draw or lay out a circle.
Select 2 participants and give each a stave.
Have the participants stand in the middle of the circle. Have the staves interlocked (the stave should be trapped between the participants body, arms and the other stave).
The participants then have a set time to try and pull each other out of the circle.
The player who remains in the circle wins. If one player lets go of their stave the other player wins. If a player pushes with their stave the other player wins.

You could always lash the staves together if desired to stop them slipping into the hands of the participants. Try and select short staves to minimise the risk of them accidently catching each other.


  • broom shaft
  • fight
  • Pull
  • staves

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