Carrots, Rabbits and Foxes Game

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A game to highlight the effect of lots of food (carrots) and/or predators (foxes) on the population on rabbits.




Explain how to play the 3 different parts in the game.
- Carrots stand with their hands above their heads.
- Rabbits have their neckers tucked in their trousers.
- Foxes are normal.

Rabbits try to get the Carrots - they can get one and then take them to sit down. Caught Carrots become Rabbits in the next round.
Foxes try to get the Rabbits - they can get one and then take them to sit down. Caught Rabbits become Foxes in the next round.
Any Rabbits or Foxes that didn't get any food become carrots.

Choose a couple of participants (scale as needed depending on the numbers) to start as Rabbits. Choose one participant to be a fox. Play a round. Record the results. Start the new round with everyone playing their new role. Rinse and repeat.

You should be able to show that the Rabbit population goes up when there is a lot of food available. This in turn leads to the Fox population rising. A decrease in the amount of food alongside more Foxes means the Rabbit population decreases.


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