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An indoor (if the room is big enough) or an outdoor game. involving running and jumping


three pieces of rope of at least 1m length.


Place the three ropes parallel to each other in the middle of the hall, spaced at 30cm apart.
The participants have to cross the ropes putting only one foot in each space between the ropes without touching them.
If they touch a rope they are out.
If they put more than one foot in a space they are out.
If they jump over a space, or all 3 ropes at once, they are out.
As the last person crosses, they make their last jump as far as possible and the rope is move to where the last foot to successfully cross, landed.
The participants then cross back across the rope back to their original starting place using the same rules.
As the game progresses the space between the ropes gets bigger and bigger until there is only one participant is left.
If no-one can make it across then the person who set the last distance wins.
WARNING can become very competitive!


  • balancing
  • competiton
  • game
  • Jumping
  • rope
  • running
  • yeti footprints

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