Christmas Cards - Supporting a Charity or Not

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Find how many Christmas Cards support charities and discuss


White paper
About 20 old Christmas cards per group


- Show the Cub Scouts some of your old Christmas cards and point out that some of
them were bought to support charities and some were not
- Divide the Pack into small groups and give each group about 20 old Christmas cards
- Ask the Cub Scouts in their groups to sort the cards into those bought in support of
charities and those not
- How many support charities? How many do not?
- How does buying a card that supports a charity give support? The vast number of
cards sold each year means that charities can receive a large amount of money at
- What makes someone support a particular charity? Is it an illness in the family,
support of a local institution, or being a member of a welfare or wildlife group for
- Now ask the groups to divide the charity cards into those that support animals and
wildlife in general and those that support people - hospitals, hospices, medical
research etc
- What are the results?
- This will highlight to the Cub Scouts that there are many different charities and that
people will support different charities for different reasons. For some people buying
Christmas cards will be the only time they support any charities


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  • gloabal challenge

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