Beaver Burns Night

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Scottish themed crafts and activities.


Depending on chosen activities:
Copy of Ode to a mouse by Robert Burns to read out
Words to Auld Lang Syne
Paper for making origami Loch Ness monsters,
Highland cow poster and "horns" for pin the horns on the highland cow game
card and tissue for making Scottish flags or pre-printed sheets with flags of all UK countries,
Irn Bru, pre-cooked haggis and shortbread for tasting, bagpipe music for dancing.


Origami Loch Ness monsters came from Cover card in scrunched up blue and white tissue to make Scottish flag or colour pre-printed flag sheet. Do the Highland Fling to bagpipe music and/or listen to the poem and learn to sing auld lang syne. Food tasting of Irn Bru, haggis and shortbread.

Play the Hornie game: The Hornie game involves one child being "it" and chasing after the other kinds. The child, who is "it," clasps his hands together and points his thumbs out looking like the horns of a bull. As he catches kids, by touching them with his horns, they become his property and also clasp their hands and start to catch other children with their horns. The game is over when the last child is touched.


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