Chinese New Year

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As part of the Artist activity badge and celebration of Chinese New Year


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Main activity/activities (50 minutes or 1 hour)
It is recommended that the Chinese Zodiac is run for the whole pack but that the other
activities are run as bases so that only 1 six is doing the activity at a time.
The Chinese Zodiac
Read out the story of how the Chinese Zodiac got its name and the characteristics of the
people born in those years. Ask them what animal they think they are and then tell them.
Did they guess correctly?
Give each Cub a Tangram Template printed onto a piece of paper. Get them to cut out the
main shapes and then try to create the silhouettes by positioning the tangram pieces in the
right places.
Make an origami Panda.
Chinese New Year Word Search
Give each Cub, or group of Cubs, a copy of the Chinese New Year Word Search
Chopstick Challenge
Get the Cubs to try to pick up sweets, or other objects, using chopsticks.



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