Shelter box hunt

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Hunt for the items to go in a shelter box. idea is to get them more active in learning what is needed and why its needed.


- 4 plastic box big enough to hold all the items,
- 4 tents
- 4 blankets
- 4 water carrier
- 4 colouring in book ( for children's pack)
- 4 sets of hats and gloves
- 4 cooking equipment ( bowls, cups, anything safe for cubs to find a carrie)


Hide the various items around the hut (if possible before they arrive if not move them into the back room first). explain the different items that are in the box seeing if they can guess some, then get them into there sixes and give them a list of the different items hidden around the hut. What they have to do is go round the hut in there six finding where the items are hide and place them in there box before moving onto the next item.


  • shelterbox, scavenger hunt

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