Understanding Co-ordinates

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Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between Ordnance Survey and latitude/longitude coordinates.
This is untried and tested, and is a thought process i am currently going through. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS/ EXPAND IT IF YOU CAN!! I am thinking a printout, cut out put the co-ords together game too.....
Our Scouts are currently into Geocaching, and we are trying to relate this to the Navigator badge.


The scouts should have prior knowledge of using OS maps, and using a handheld GPS.
Using an OS map, take a few co-ordinates- it doesnt matter what they are.
Now take a few GPS readings from the same area.


Using the readings, get your Scouts to guess which is which.
This could be done in teams, with a buzzer/ sound for each team.


  • co-ordinates
  • handheld GPS
  • navigate
  • OS map

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