Indoor Hockey

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Indoor hockey - one against one


2 Goals (or tables on their side - legs against the wall) 2 plastic hockey sticks and 1 lightweight ball (indoor hockey or foam)


Simple version for Beavers. Set a goal at each end of the hall. Split the colony into 2 teams numbered 1 - ?. Sit team A in order along one side of the hall. Team B sit along other side of hall but in reverse order. ie A1 opp B10, A2 opp B9 etc. (If seated on chairs scouts are not tempted to interfere with play & are less likely to get hit with a stick). Place 2 sticks and the ball in centre of hall. Give each team a goal to aim for. Call out a number - the 2 scouts with that number run to sticks and start to play. When goal is scored they replace sticks & ball in centre and another number is called. If no goal scored allow 1 min of play before calling a draw. If game goes well can always add a goalie on each side - if have extra 2 sticks.
Can use with Cubs & Scouts - but would need more sticks to allow more players at a time.


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