Goal Ball Man Hunt

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A 'Man-Hunt' style wide game.


GoalBall (Bell ball) or other item that make a noise


Split everyone into two team. Team A - Start are Runners, Team B. Start as Defenders.
A base is chosen.
The Runners take the GoalBall and are given a few minutes head start to run and hide.
The aim of the game is for the Runners to get the GoalBall back to base.

Runners win if they get the ball back!
Defenders win if they tag (hold them and say 1-2-3-Man Hunt) all the members of the Runners Team

Edit (If the Runner with the ball is tagged they must drop the Ball where they are for another team member to retrive and try to get the ball to base)

This can also be played in the dark with all members wearing a glow stick.


  • Man Hunt
  • Outdoor activity
  • team game
  • Wide Game

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