Burns Night

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To Teach them a bit about Scotland, Robert Burns, the poetry he wrote and the traditional Scottish Burns Supper


Information about Robert Burns, Burns Night and the Burns Supper. (file attached)
Copies of the words to 'Selkirk Grace' 'Address to a Haggis' and a modern translation. (file attached)
Traditional Scottish Childrens Games (file attached)
Ingredients for Oat Cakes or Shortbread (recipe attached)
Recording of Address to a Haggis (read by a Scotsman): https://soundcloud.com/kevin-brown-50/address-to-a-haggis-robert
-Neeps (Turnips/Swede),
-Tatties (Mashed Potato),
-Gravy - just enough for a small spoonful of each per person.
-small plate and
-fork/spoon per person
Print outs of Some of Burns' Poetry, available at: http://robertburns.org/


Discuss who 'Robert Burns' is, and the purpose of 'Burns Night'.
-Have they heard of him?
-Do they know any of his poetry? (Auld Lang Syne!)

Make either shortbread or Oatcakes - If time is short, pre-make the mixture and just get each person to roll out and either Cut out (Oatcakes) or cut up and prick (shortbread) before popping into the oven to eat / take home at the end of the evening.

Have a mini Burns Supper following the format of a Formal Burns Supper
-Give each person a small amount of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties (and gravy) to try, along with some Irn-Bru (instead of Whisky!)
-Say the Selkirk Grace
-Use taped music of a Bag-Pipe to 'Pipe the Haggis in'
-Play them the recording of 'Address to a Haggis' (give out copies of the modern translation, or run through some of the trickier bits)
-Ask for volunteers to read out a few lines of some of Burns' Poetry
-Sing 'Auld Lang Syne'

Play The Haggis Target Game:
-A Pretend Haggis made out of an old pair of tights, and a chalk target drawn on the floor
-Take it in turns to roll the 'Haggis' at the target to see how many points they can get!

Other Burns / Scottish Activities for the evening could include:
-Getting them to design their own Tartan, by cutting coloured paper into strips and weaving them together in different patterns.
-Playing Jump the Haggis, using a 'Haggis' on the end of a swing rope.
-Scottish word guessing!
-Discussing what a Clan is, and then looking up their Surnames to see if they belong to a Clan. http://scotclans.com/
-Playing some traditional Scottish Childrens Games
-Writing a poem about Scotland


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