DIY Badge: Flatpack

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To replace the "painting a wall" activity the Cubs will make a cheap piece of Flatpack furniture instead.


Some cheap Shoe Racks from Argos for the Cubs to build. Relevant tools.


1. Have a safety discussion first about tools and use of them and care. Take a tool box down and show them various tools.

2. Explain how to carefully open the shoe rack box and how not to damage it as you open it.

3. Split the Cubs into their sixes and get them to build half of the shoe rack each (should only need 2 shoe racks for an entire pack that way, will keep costs down), obviously have a leader supervise each six.

4. Join the shoe racks together to complete the build.

5. Have a discussion with the Cubs about how it went, what was tricky and what was easy.

6. Use the finished article in your hut to store shoes! (or other items)

I am planning to open the shoe racks up and scan in the instructions prior to the evening so that they can be e-mailed to the other leaders so we are all familiar with it and so multiple copies can be made for each six to look at.



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