Newspaper Bridge

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Construct a bridge from newspaper that is capable of spanning various gaps.


Sticky Tape
Two chairs or benches to create a gap.


Work in sixes or groups of no more than six.
Give each six several newspapers the scissors and a role of sticky tape.
Tell the teams they have to construct a bridge that is capable of spanning 3 gaps 300mm, 450mm and 600mm.
The bridge should be self supporting and cannot be taped to the chair/bench.
Optional tell them it also has to support the weight of your choice.
Optional you may tell them it is to be made from tubes or folded fans.
Optional to add an element of competition choose a span and increase the weight until the bridge fails.
Optional give them the attached sheet showing bridge structures.
Optional award points for aesthetics.


  • competition
  • construction
  • creativity
  • engineering
  • Problem solving
  • team work

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