Shopping memory game

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Circle game where the children have to remember what each person is "buying". Can be adapted for Christmas, pancake day, or other themes.




The children sit in a circle. The first child (or leader) says "I went shopping and I bought <an item>." Second child says "I went shopping and I bought <first child's item> and <new item>." Third child says "I went shopping and I bought <first child's item>, <second child's item> and <new item>." Play continues around the circle so that the last child has to remember everyone's items. Children can be helped if they can't remember. Play can be changed to fit in with a theme. For example, for pancake day, the wording could be chaged to "I went shopping for our pancake party and I bought..." and all items have to be related to pancakes. Or for Christmas it could be changed to be about presents they want: "For Christmas, I want <present>."


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