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Game – Scouts Chinese Football




Two teams line up along opposite ends of the hall and all the team members join hands. They are defending the goal, which is the entire length of the wall behind them, or as much as they can cover, while continuing to hold hands
- Five young people from each team come into the centre of the room. Their aim is to score a goal by hitting the wall behind the opposing team and they can only hit the ball by batting the ball with their hand
- The guard team along the wall must continue to hold hands as they defend their wall. They defend by kicking the ball away whilst still holding hands
- A goal is scored against them if the ball hits the wall behind them at knee level or below, or if the defenders break their grip. If the ball hits the wall higher than knee level, there is no score and no penalty for breaking grip
- The players in the centre must bat the ball with their hands, and can stop the ball with any part of the body. They cannot pick it up, nor can they dribble or bounce it higher
- Body-contact is not allowed. The referee may wish to impose free shots on goal for personal fouls


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