Swimming Up Ceremony

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Beavers swim up to Cubs


Blue Material - representing the river


Beavers line up in two facing rows and hold material above their heads
Beavers swimming up wait one end with BSL
CSL (and possibly some existing Cubs) wait other end
BSL says "...names of Beavers...we are pleased and proud that you are now moving on from Beaver Scouts to Cubs Scouts and we wish you a happy and exciting time as you do your best on the Cub Scout Pack."
Swimming Beavers say "I swim up the river and over a dam" then they move under the river and remove their Beaver jumpers. At the other end, they are handed their Cub jumpers and put them on. Then they say "No longer a Beaver, but a Cub I am"
CSL says a few words to welcome them and may award their Moving On badge.
All say goodbye


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