Bases 1/2

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The first of two weeks running a series of 10-15 minute bases teaching simple scout based skills to small groups of 2/3, culminating in a week's testing of these skills with the highest scoring team winning a prize


rope, poles, maps, rescusi-anne, maps, compasses, bandages, slings, pens, paper, simple tents, cooking stoves


Explain to the troop that we will spend two weeks teaching them a series of basic scouting skills and that on the third week there will be a test to see how many of the skills they are still able to perform, and that there is a prize for the winning group. Run a series of 10-15 minute bases teaching basic scouting skills to groups of 2/3, i.e. reef knot, clove hitch, sheer lashing, square lashing, applying slings/bandages, checking breathing, giving CPR, reading contour lines, taking bearings, map symbols, tracking symbols, erecting tunnel tents, setting up and lighting cooking stoves



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