Emergency Aid Stage 4 - Full Day

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This course will complete all areas of the Emergency Aid Stage 4 Badge (see below).

This stage requires eight hours of training and activity and should be trained and assessed by arrangement with an adult holding a full first aid qualification and validated skills from the adult training scheme in presenting and facilitating. Alternatively, a qualified first aid trainer from an externally recognised organisation may fulfil this role. (16hr Trained Min)

Young Leaders - This award exceeds the requirements of First Response and is a suitable alternative to the Young Leaders module K First Aid Master Class.


• Hall/ Scout Hut
• Resusi Annie (x2 min) & extra antiseptic wipes
• Computer/Laptop connected to large screen or projector
• 'Guardian First Aid' DVD (use only Recovery Position, CPR, Heart Attack sections)
• First Aid Training Powerpoint (attached, use only selected slids)
• Note Pads & Pens for the scouts
• Lunch for the scouts and leaders
• Scout Association - 1st Responce Participants Course Book (one per participant) (Cost £3 each Feb 2013). To be given to the scouts as a gift to take home and read after, not to follow during the training, as it can be distracting.
• Scout Association - 1st Responce Trainers Notes (Cost £6 Feb 2013)


This is a full days course and is open to all scouts regardless of previous experience or levels completed. The cost includes Lunch. The tuck shop will be open for snacks at break times.

09:00 - Arrive
09:15 - Start Training
10:45 - Break
11:00 - Training Continues
12:30 - Lunch
13:30 - Training Continues
15:00 - Break
15:15 - Assesment
17:00 - Finish/Leave

Emergency Aid 4
The course covers the following requirements.
1. Know what to do at the scene of an accident.
2. Know when and how to contact the emergency services.
3. Be able to respond to the needs of an unconscious patient. Know how to open an airway, give CPR to both an adult and a child and how to place in the recovery position.
4. Know how to deal with both minor cuts and bleeding and major bleeding injuries.
5. Know how to deal with burns and scalds.
6. Know how to safeguard against the effects of heat. Know how to recognise and treat heat exhaustion.
7. Know how to safeguard against the effects of cold. Know how to recognise and treat hypothermia.
8. Recognise the symptoms of shock and how to treat a casualty.
9. Know how to deal with choking.
10. Know the common medication procedures used by individuals with asthma and how to deal with an asthma attack.
11. Know how to recognise the symptoms of a heart attack and take appropriate action.
12. Know how to deal with an injury to the head.
13. Know how to deal with a casualty with a suspected spinal injury.
14. Recognise the signs of a fracture and soft tissue injuries and how to protect from further injury or pain.
15. Know the signs and symptoms of meningitis and the action to take.



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