Flag Making

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Patrol Time - Patrol Flag making (half an hour or 1 hour sessions) Each Scout in patrol designs a Patrol flag on paper 4 x sessions (2 hrs) then in pairs they make their flag and stitch it together and are assessed by the Leaders (up to 8 1/2hr sessions or 4 x 1hr sessions depending on speeed and skill of scouts) Flags can then be used for wide games and other patrol activities (on Packs and bergans on a hike to identify Patrol from a distance.


Coloured Cloth/material especially patrol colours Yellow (Panthers),Light blue Bulldogs), Light Green Eagles), and Wolves (colour tbc) plus other colour off-cuts, needles, pins and thread.


Patrol Leaders to organise and delegate the sewing of at least 1 flag between two, the best will be chosen, sub standard dismantled and badge not awarded unless re-stitched in owm time.


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