Cooking Pancakes

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Making pancake batter from scratch and cooking them, sprinkling with sugar and lemon, then eating them!


For each lodge of approximately 6 Beavers - multiply quantities depending on how many Beavers
Mixing Bowl
2 Eggs
2 Tbsp Flour
Milk - enough to make a batter

Margarine to cook
Frying pan
Cooking stove
Paper plates
Lemon juice
Fork to eat


Brief discussion about pancakes.
What do you think they are made of?
What do you like to put on them?
Can you toss them in the air?
Why do you think we have Pancake Day?
What is the religious name for Pancake Day?
Why do we have Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday?

Split Beavers into their lodges and put one lodge on each table which has one bowl, one whisk, two eggs and about 2 cups of milk.

Mix the batter using the ingredients above -
1. Break Eggs
2. Add flour and mix thoroughly.
3. Add milk and mix to a smooth batter.

When done, take the batter bowl to the cooking area lodge by lodge. (leaders - You have to make sure that the pancakes will cook well - if the batter is a bit runny add a little more flour to make thicker, if a little too think, then add more milk - consistency should be more or less that of single cream)

Each Beaver gets to cook a pancake, add their own sugar and lemon and then eat it.

Whilst the other lodges are waiting, they can be doing a pancake word search or answering a quiz or playing a game of pancake relay using a piece of carpet and a frying pan.



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