Easter Sawdust Picture

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Making a picture/collage using sawdust to add an extra dimension.


Required: Card, paper, scissors, glue, sawdust. Optional: Googly eyes, easter wrappimg paper, felt, craft foam, pipe cleaners.


Cut an egg shape from white card, then re-cut as if a chick has just hatched. Now draw and cut out a chicks upper torso or complete chick from yellow card, paper, felt or foam. Cut small triangles for the beak (either colour orange or cut from orange card, paper, felt or foam).

Position and stick down the chick (more important to do this with the emerging chick) on the backing card or wrapping paper if using as a background . Next position and stick down the egg halves.

Once the egg halves are in place cover them completely in glue stick glue, taking care not to get the backing card covered. Now sprinkle over the sawdust and press down to ensure a good bond. Tip the excess sawdust off.

Now give the chick their eyes and beak (legs too if the chick is out of the egg - pipe cleaners are good, but felt pen drawn will be just fine).

Finally allow your cubs to decorate the background. Flowers, trees etc etc. Whatever remaining time allows them to do.


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