Synagogue Visit

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Visit to a local synagogue to learn about the Judaism


One day activity forms in advance
In-touch list
Quiz sheet (attached)
Ask synagogue whether Cubs need to have teir heads covered and so bring caps


Arrange to visit a local synagogue. Ask the religious visitor or guide to explain how the Jewish faith relates to Christianity (use of the Old Testament) and to explain the festivals and artifacts seen in the synagogue.
Some synagogues may allow Cubs to handle items uch as pointers, burners, or even blow a ceramonial ram's horn.
Give the young people a quiz sheet and ask them to complete the questions.

Within a month of this visit try to visit a local Christian church or religious place of the Group's core faith so that they can draw direct comparisons on their quiz sheets. Discuss how the faiths differ but also how they are smilar in beliefs, customs (forms of harvest, use of light in festivals etc)


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