Coins in Vinegar, Coke and Lemon Juice

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What happens to coins if left in lemon juice, cola or vinegar?


Jam Jars
Lemon Juice
dirty bronze coins


Place about a cm deep of cola, vinegar or lemon juice in separate jam jars.
Place a dirty coin in each jam jar (ensure it is totally submerged).
Label the jam jars with what is in them.
Discuss with the Beavers what they think might happen with each of the coins over the week.
Let the Beavers take the jam jars home to bring back after at least a week and ask them to record what happens.
Following week - drain out each of the coins noting which coin has been in what liquid.
Find out what has happened to them.
All 3 coins should be cleaner as the acid in each of the liquids acts as a cleaning agent. Contrary to what parents might say, the coin in the cola will not be disolved, not in a week anyway!)


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