Shopping For Camp

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This is a simple activity to run to see how well each Patrol would cope if they were to do the food shopping for camp.


Typical Day's Menu and Supermarket Items on cards (See files for samples)



Print off the sample resources or produce your own based on your scouts. You will need a menu per patrol and sufficient stock in your supermarket for each patrol. I also have some blank cards in case a clever scout comes up with something you had not thought of.

The Game:

1. Give each patrol a menu for a typical Saturday at camp that is three meals and possibly a supper.

2. Tell them that they are doing the shopping and they need to produce a shopping list of things they will need. I usually tell them not to worry about quantities (you can play the game again in the future and included quantities).

3. Once they have produced their list tell them to go to a supermarket (a leader or helper) and collect the items on their list (small cards with name of item on it).

4. Give them about 15 minutes to do this, if only one leader is the “supermarket” only allow one patrol at a time into the supermarket.

5. Once all patrols have completed their shopping, get everyone together and work through the menu:

something like this:-

a. Breakfast – “right we are going to cook breakfast, we have got the frying pan on the stove, please pass me the oil…….what you have not bought any oil…oh dear!”


“I think I will have a bacon butty…where is the bread? I always have tomato sauce on my bacon…have you got any?”

You get the idea……you may also include clearing away and washing up if you want!

6. If this is the first time you have covered this subject you may want to go through Breakfast as above and then send them away to re-think what they have got and re-visit the supermarket before going through the rest of the menu.

7. You can be as awkward as you want, the object is to encourage them to think not just about the menu but about the preparation and side issues.

8. Once you have run this game then in a few weeks you could run it again but this time include quantities in the equation. This depends on how far and independent your patrols are in preparations for camps.


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