Beetle Drive

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a active ice breaking game,
rapid fire,
points + prizes,
grate fundraiser event for all sections


a sheet with 9 Boxes drawn on it,
1 dice per set of 4 players,
a instruction board or sheet detailing number and parts relivent


divide in pairs
sit opposite another pair

have a dice between the four player
youngest player to go first, dice moves round the four to the left.
need a 6 or a 5 to start each player can only role once and must then pass it on
once you have a 6 and a 5 you can start collecting the other body parts
1 eye x2
2 inten-eye x 2
3 leg x 6
4 wings x2
5 head
6 body

first person to completed there beetle shouts "Beetle" the game stops
every one counts up there body parts full beetle is equal to 43 points

NOW for the hard bit!!

the players on the right side of the table move up one pair
the players on the left side of the table move down a pair
so everyone is facing a new partner the game begins again


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