Prophet Muhammed (SAW) Discussion and his Companions

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Discussion around the prophet Muhammed (SAW) and his companions


A number of predetermined scenarios to be re-enacted


Begin with Camp-fire – talk about the importance of knowing about the companions of the Prophet (AS) and especially the Rightly Guided Khalifs.

Explain task, i.e. 4 scenarios, each depicting one of the companions, how would you project this in a role play. Cannot depict the Prophet/main sahabi’s, need to use narrator for this. Role play no longer than 4 mins

Split into packs: Each leader to be given one scenario and they work with 1 of 4 pack. Depending on what the feedback form the cubs is, leader may have to have greater input - Sophia to assist all.

Leaders please ensure the you use the title Sayidunna (which means our leaders/master) prefixed to the names of the companions, i.e. - this is basically a reflection of their status. Cubs should hopefully follow suit.

By the end of this session, a role play should be established and should be able to present back to the group


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