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Beaver Scouts get to spend "money" (pasta) by having a go on various fairground type games (loosely). They either don't win anything back, win their pasta back - or win more pasta.
Each game costs 1 piece of pasta.
Extra adults - each adult can lead two games.


Pieces of pasta
Basketball hoop, basketball or other ball,
Bottle Tops with marks on the bottom of some of them indicating how many pieces of pasta they win.
Ping Pong Balls, Jars with coloured dots in bottom
Drain Pipe; a 'rat' (usually made with socks)
a 'Garage' with 3 holes


Stall One: Basketball - get 3 balls. Get a piece of pasta for each successful ball through the net.
Stall Two: Hoopla - If you get a hoop on one of the outside rings - you get one piece of pasta. For the middle - you get 2.
Stall Three:Ping Pong - try to get the ping pong ball in to a jar (different colours in each jar mean different pieces of pasta)
Stall Four: Bottle Top game
Stall Five: Splat the Rat - win 3 pieces of pasta if successful (very rare success with this one)
Stall Six: Park the car ("garage" with three entrance holes). The table needs to be lower at one end that the other. The Beaver Scouts push the car from the other end of the table and whichever hole the car goes through represents a number of piece of pasta won. The car may not go through any of them there.
Stall Seven:
Stall Eight:



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