plaster cupcakes

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Plaster of Paris cupcakes to be decorated, suitable for mothers day takes 2 sessions.


Plaster of paris, cupcake cases (good quality ones),glue, decorating materials ie. paints glitter glue, coloured cotton wool etc...
newspaper or sheets to prevent a disasterous mess.


get beavers in lodges to mix plaster according to directions on packet.
pour plaster into cupcake cases - the more expensive ones are stronger and wont sag much.
beavers then plan their design for the top- you can use any sort of decorating materials you have lying around or by beads, ribbons, cotton wool etc..
The following week when plaster has set the beavers paint and decorate the cupcakes.

you could try adding some paint to the plaster to colour it.
you could try leaving plaster to partially set 60mins and then try piping more on top to look like icing.


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  • creative challenge
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  • mothers day

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