Card Suit Game

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A fun and relatively calm game with a pack of cards


Pack of cards and chairs


Start with the pack sitting on chairs in a circle, while the leader stands in the middle and shuffles a pack of cards. Hand out a card to each of the cubs. Tell them they must remember the suit of the card they've been given. Collect all the cards in again. As you shuffle the whole pack, you explain that once you begin, you will turn over the cards, one by one, and call out the suit of the card. When a suit is called the cubs with that suit must stand up and move one seat clockwise.
If the cub in the next seat has not moved, they must allow the cub who has moved to sit on their lap. A cub must not move if someone is sat on their lap. As the game progresses, you can speed up so that those with quick reactions can move before anyone sits on their lap. The winner is the cub who reaches their original seat again.



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