Ball over Chairs

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This is a version of dodgeball that is very popular with my Scouts. No idea where it came from they were already playing it when I started.


Balls (3+)


Scouts are in two teams seperated by a row of chairs accross the hall. Scouts throw balls (as many as you like but more than three) over the chairs and members of the opposing team are out if they are hit below the knee. The winning team is the one that has elimintaed all of the other team.
There are several aditional rules that make the game more fun. You are also out if:
1) you move more that one step with a ball in-hand. You can pass the ball to team members.
2) you touch the ball more than once. So if you fended it off (which is allowed) you can not then pick it up.
3) you touch the chairs
4) The opposing team catches the ball you have thrown. They also get an "out" player back in.

Players return in the order they were out, so first out first in. The "double touch" rule is suspended for any team reduced to one player.


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