A Bag Of Flour

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Beaver Scouts have a go at making flour


A quantity of whole grains of wheat, corn or barley (a pet shop / corn merchant or someone who keeps chickens/ducks should be able to help you with this)
Chopping Board
Rolling Pin


Explain to the Beaver Scouts that grains are seeds which grow into corn. They can also be crushed or ground to make flour.
Let the Beaver Scouts try making flour by crushing some grains. Spread some grains onto a chopping board and grind them with a rolling pin or large stone.

This is part of a few activities (From Grain to Bread, Windmills - making a windmill, A Bag of Flour). The following week is then 'cooking' - making something using flour. Some activities will need to be run as bases.


  • bread
  • flour
  • grain
  • windmill

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