Char Cloth Making

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Make char cloth from cotton and a tin.


Tin (i.e. tobacco tin or a tin with a screw top or pull off lid - such as a Silvo/Brasso), 100% cotton (i.e. jeans, shirt)


1. Pierce a small hole in the top of the tin.
2. Cut material into squares 8cm in length.
3. Put the material in the tin,
4. Light a fire. It does not need to be raging. Place the tin on hot embers.
5. Fumes should escape from the top hole, when they stop coming out, take it off the fire and wedge a pointed stick into the hole to seal it. This prevents air/oxygen entering and igniting it.
6. Allow to cool, and you'll have charcloth - which makes embers from sparks really easily.


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