Recycling relay

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Relay race to teach what rubbish can and can't be recycled


Litter picker for each six/patrol. Recycling & Residual wheelie bin (optional), Yellow reflective vest & pair heavy gloves per six/patrol. Big pile of clean rubbish (mixed recycling & non recyclable)


Sixes in relay order.
On whistle 1st cub puts on reflective vest, puts on gloves, picks up litter picker and selects item of rubbish.
Runs down hall and has to put it in correct bin/pile - recyclable or not.
If it goes in wrong bin they have to fish it out and put it in the right bin.
Run back to start, remove kit and next cub takes over.
First six sat down all correct wins.


  • Global issues
  • Litter
  • recycling
  • relay

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