Knots Round Robin & Relay

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A simple round robin where each patrol learns one knot at each table. (Reef, Round Turn and Two Half Hitches and Sheet Bend).


At minimum you need three leaders, though 4 would be better so the time-keeper can monitor the other stations better.
Reef Knot Station:
• One Jerry Can per scout (or something else to tie around)
• One piece of rope per Scout – About twice the circumfruence of what they’re tying it round
Round Turn and Two Half Hitches Station:
• Stave (or something else to tie to, perferably something fixed)
• A fairly long piece of rope for each Scout
Sheet Bend Station
• Two pieces of rope per scout – preferably of different thicknesses and preferably quite long (so they an practice pulling them apart)


• Have each station setup and ready
• Each station will take 10-15 minutes
• At each station the patrol:
o Learns to tie the knot, either from the leader or from the sheet
o Practices tying the knot
o Tests the knot – discovers it’s strengths and weaknesses
• One leader will have a bell/whistle to signify that all patrols should move to the next station.


  • Knot game
  • knots
  • knots and lashings
  • Knotting relay

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